ranchers for trump

Ranchers for Trump rally attendees in Fallon, NV. Photo courtesy of Adam Laxalt.

Nevada Livestock Marketing (NLM) in Fallon, NV, held an event Oct. 14 in support of President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. The “Ranchers for Trump” live cattle auction and luncheon had cattle donated from Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and California, according to NLM, and 100 percent of the proceeds went directly to the Trump Victory Campaign.

Jack Payne, owner of NLM, told WLJ with online donations continuing to come into the campaign, there is the potential for $300,000 to be raised. He also noted there were around 800 people present at the outdoor rally, and many viewers online at DVAuction.com.

Prior to the live cattle auction, non-live items were auctioned off, such as a golfing package for four, 300 lbs. of ground beef, and sides of beef. About 250 live animal lots were then auctioned off, with the option to donate back the lot for resale that night or the following day at NLM’s market auction. Payne said with the resales, it was more like 400 cattle had sold.

Also present at the rally were Donald Trump Jr. and Nevada Trump Campaign Chairman Adam Laxalt. Trump spoke briefly at the event, urging the attendees to encourage their fellow farmers and ranchers to get out and vote.

Payne said NLM wanted to thank all the ranchers who came out to support the event. “Everybody knows how high the stakes are at this election, and that was pretty obvious last night with their checkbooks and response, and all the cattle that came in.” — Anna Miller, WLJ editor

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