The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife released a wolf depredation report on June 18 showing three separate incidents of confirmed attacks on calves between June 12 and June 14 in Wallowa County. All incidents occurred on private land. The first incident occurred in the Reagan Gulch area where a 4-month-old, 350-pound calf was found with injuries to its hind legs. Although individual wolves have been reported, there is currently no known pack in the area. The other incidents occurred in the Joseph Creek area. On June 13, a livestock producer found two 4-6-week-old calves weighing approximately 200 pounds with multiple open wounds on their hind legs. The attacks occurred in the Chesnimnus Pack known activity area. The June 14 investigation confirmed an attack in the same pasture as the previous day when another calf was identified with bite marks and injuries on its hind legs. In all cases the live calves were examined by a veterinarian. — WLJ

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