Since Mexico imposed retaliatory tariffs against the United States in June 2018, export volumes (June to August) of U.S. fresh and frozen pork products subject to the tariffs have maintained the same levels as last year.

Typically accounting for more than 97 percent of monthly U.S. pork shipments to Mexico, these exports consist mainly of fresh and frozen ham and shoulder cuts. The lower prices of 2018 U.S. ham primal cuts—averaging 20 percent lower in June-August 2018 than in June-August 2017—are likely a significant offset to the import tariff.

Lower prices likely blunted the effect of Mexican pork tariffs

In contrast to stable exports of fresh and frozen pork products, a different category of pork exports, which includes some processed pork products as well as cooked hams and shoulders, is down almost 45 percent in the June-August period. — USDA Economic Research Service

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