Valley Oaks Steak Company is a combined feedlot and processing plant operation in Lone Jack, MO, that is currently facing a lawsuit by 141 property owners.

The suit claims the operation has “negatively impacted those homeowners’ quality of life.”

Homeowners within five miles of the operation are suing the company for its plans to expand the feedlot to an average of 6,999 cattle a year.

The suit claims the property owners lived there prior to the feedlot’s establishment and at that time, “Valley Oaks’ herd of cattle was well under the legal limit of 999,” but since then, the operation has “illegally housed 1,900 head of cattle while awaiting state approval” for herd expansion.

The lawsuit was filed in Jackson County Circuit Court and charges the defendants with causing a nuisance and trespassing.

The suit reads that the “manure odors have already impacted the plaintiffs.

They cannot avoid the odor emanating from the CAFO [confined animal feeding operation] even when inside with all doors and windows closed.

Many of them have said that they can no longer go outside or entertain family and guests.” 

The lawsuit also claims the operation has created an increase of flies and pests, ammonia emissions, truck traffic and will contaminate water on neighboring properties.

A judge ordered a preliminary injunction for expansion in January 2019, but the property owners claim the operation is still impacting their lives.

The lawsuit seeks punitive damages and a jury trial.

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