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USDA announced that producers participating in federal crop insurance experiencing delays in harvest should contact their approved insurance provider (AIP) to file a notice of loss and request more time to harvest.

Producers in a handful of states have been affected by extremely wet and snowy conditions early this fall.

“Farmers are having a hard time with weather this year, and this early fall snow is just another example of this year’s weather challenges,” said Martin Barbre, Administrator of USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA).

Producers must file a notice of loss and request more time to harvest before the end of the insurance period.

The end of the period for crops such as spring-planted wheat and barley is Oct. 31 and for corn and soybeans is Dec. 10.

Producers are eligible for extra harvest time when: timely notice is given; the delay was due to an insured case of loss and causes such as wet field conditions; and the loss was not from lack of sufficient equipment or manpower.

More information on requesting assistance due to delayed harvest is available on RMA’s website. 

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