A new documentary film, “Right to Harm” (https://righttoharm.film) claims to expose the “devastating public health impact that factory farming has on many of our country’s most disadvantaged citizens.” The film looks at Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations—or CAFOs—claiming that these facilities “produce millions of gallons of untreated waste that destroys the quality of life for nearby neighbors.” The film tells the story of individuals who are “fed up with the lack of regulation,” and who have turned activists to “band together from across the country to demand justice.” The film is directed by Matt Wechsler, a food activist and urban gardener from Evanston, IL, and Annie Speicher, a sustainable food advocate. Mark Bittman, one of the executive producers, is a New York Times food author and activist. The filmmakers have completed production and are in the process of editing. A release date has not been announced.

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