WLJ reported in the July 2 issue that Valley Oaks Steak Company, LLC of Lone Jack, MO, had been granted a Class IB National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) that would allow it to expand its feedlot to house up to 6,999 beef cattle at the Lone Jack facility. Those plans are now on hold, according to a report in the Kansas City Business Journal noting that the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission issued a temporary stay against an expansion of the feedlot in response to concerns by nearby neighbors including Powell Gardens, a botanical garden, which voiced concerns that manure from the facility would cause odors to waft over the garden. KSHB TV of Kansas City reported that the Administrative Hearing Commission ruled that opponents offered enough evidence suggesting an expansion could be detrimental and ordered Valley Oaks to stop its plans until a full decision is reached. — WLJ

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