The Western Producer, an agricultural publication targeted for Western Canadian farmers and ranchers, reports that Canadian consumers have been urged on social media to stop buying American beef because of recent trade actions involving tariffs. That might not be a good move for Canada. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) says boycotting U.S. beef would harm rather than help Canadian producers. “Eat the beef,” said John Masswohl, director of government and international relations, with the CCA, “Anybody that thinks that boycotting American beef is going to be good for Canadian producers has not examined the facts.” Canada exports about three times more cattle and beef to the U.S. than it imports. Additionally, many Canadian cattle are sent to the U.S. for slaughter or feeding to slaughter, meaning some beef entering Canada from the U.S. likely has Canadian origins. “It’s all about the integration in the marketplace. We trade with each other because it’s beneficial for both of us. So, to suddenly say, ‘I’m not going to have their product,’ you know ultimately, we’re probably more dependent on them than they are on us, and that’s, I think, a losing game,” Masswohl said. — WLJ

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