photo - Sonny Purdue

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue 

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue issued a statement concerning the recent fire at the Tyson Food’s beef plant.

“I have directed USDA’s Packers and Stockyards Division to launch an investigation into recent beef pricing margins to determine if there is any evidence of price manipulation, collusion, restrictions of competition or other unfair practices,” Purdue said.

He continues on to say that if unfair prices have in fact been detected, “we will take quick enforcement action.”

Purdue concludes by saying, “I have spent this summer visiting with cattle ranchers across the country, and I know this is a difficult time for the industry as a whole.

USDA is committed to ensuring support is available to ranchers who work hard to the feed the United States and the world.”

In response, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Jennifer Houston said, “We encourage USDA to look at all aspects of the beef supply chain and to utilize internal and external expertise in this investigation. We believe it adds transparency that will help build confidence in the markets among cattlemen and women.”  

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