China banned all meat products from Canada on June 25 following the discovery of beef additive residues in pork products. In addition, after further investigation, more than 188 health certificates were found forged.

The Canadian government is seeking clarification as to why beef shipments are also suspended, as only the pork products were found with traces of additives.

According to the Canadian Meat Council, pork exports had increased 52 percent over the same period last year, and beef exports had increase 388 percent.

China was the second largest pork importer in 2018, valued at $514.3 million.

Beef exports to China were valued at 97.3 million and was Canada’s fifth largest export market.

“This halt in Canadian exports is not the result of a food safety concern but the misuse of Canada’s reputation as a supplier of safe quality products,” said the Canadian Pork Council in an official statement.

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