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Several researchers at the University of California-Davis have been awarded grants under the Russell L. Rustici Rangeland and Cattle Research Endowment.

The goal of the endowment is to promote collaboration and strengthen the network among research faculty, cooperative extension specialists, county-based cooperative extension advisors and range cattle producers, and to ultimately provide practical answers to critical issues and challenges facing the industry.

Winners of 2020-2021 grants and their research projects are: John Angelos, professor and researcher, School of Veterinary Medicine for “Intranasal combined Moraxella bovis/Moraxella bovoculi vaccine for prevention and control of bovine pinkeye”; Charlie Brummer, professor,  Plant Sciences for “Alfalfa for Better Rangeland”; Kristina Horback, professor, Department of Animal Science for “Influence of beef cattle behavior on rangeland distribution for improved productivity and profitability”; Luke Macaulay, CE specialist, UC Berkeley Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management for “Quantitative assessment of range use effects on fire behavior”; Gabriele Maier, CE specialist, School of Veterinary Medicine for “Bovine anaplasmosis epidemiology”; and Alison Van Eenennaam, CE Specialist, Department of Animal Science for “Streamlining genome editing for beef cattle to enable ‘Artificial Insemination (AI) on legs’ through surrogate sires.”

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