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CSU has withdrawn from the BLM's project to sterilize feral mares. Dr. Alan Rudolph released an email statement saying that the decision to withdraw was made with the support of the involved researchers.

The U.S. has a feral horse problem and it’s the BLM’s job to fix it. But Congress has hobbled it in favor of the overly-emotional demands of people with no skin in the game.

An international animal rights group, Friends of Animals, wants feral horses listed under the Endangered Species Act. It has filed a lawsuit in Montana challenging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s decision to reject its petition.

Things, they are a’chaging! The House Natural Resources Committee has introduced five new amendments to the Endangered Species Act to reform this out-of-date regulation

Several weeks ago, Utah State University hosted the Wild Horse and Burro Summit in Salt Lake City. The summit was open to mainly academia and …