Jan. 27, Red Bluff, CA

14 Stock Dogs $6,125

Auctioneer: Trent Stewart

Manager: Adam Owens

Secretary: Marianne Brownfield

The 2017 Stock Dog Sale is one for the ages! The dogs were extremely consistent, experienced and talented. There is no better contest to show that these dogs are truly athletes and have a skill that many don’t understand. These dogs are put through a rigorous course to make it into the sale and can be sifted out at any moment throughout the week. These dogs are a highlight for many attending the Red Bluff events. For example, during the final trials, the crowd was literally 8-10 people deep trying to get a glimpse of the action.

Each dog has a course set up that they must push the cattle through. An open gate followed by a separate pen in the middle of the arena is the challenge. These dogs must listen, obey and stay in control at all times. Qualified and experienced judges are constantly evaluating these dogs and how they respond to signals and how they obey, stay in control and move around the livestock. Handlers cannot aid the dog in moving the cattle. These dogs must work alone while their owner sits horseback and moves around the arena commanding the dog on their next move. This event is truly an attraction at Red Bluff!

The quality of the stock dogs has continued to soar to new heights and people from across the nation are taking notice. For example, this year’s sale consisted of 14 dogs, and buyers from five different states purchased a dog, but buyers from 12 different states registered for a buyer’s number. The buyers’ response is a testimonial to the ability of these dogs to perform anywhere for anyone.

A special thanks to the committee members is due for all their hard work in organizing the event! TOPS: GS Farrah, 2015 red tri female by Moose; from Brian Jacobs, Wilton, CA; to El Rancho de Casey, Jarrell, TX, $20,000. Crazy 8 Twit, 2014 black and white male by NE Ty; from Mason Winebarger, Post, OR; to Bud Campbell, Abingdon, VA, $14,500. Pablo, 2014 tri-colored male by Sir Berto; from Shane Harley, Bonanza, OR; to Bud Campbell, Abingdon, VA, $8,500. CR Dodie, 2014 black and white male by 2S Bar Sage; from Mike and Pam Ralph, Grants Pass, OR; to Triangle C Ranch, Medford, OR, $7,000. — LOGAN IPSEN

WLJ Fieldman

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