Jan. 28, Red Bluff, CA

69 Geldings $9,895

Auctioneers: Rick Machado and Trent Stewart

The 2017 Red Bluff Gelding Sale will be one that will be remembered for years to come.

The gelding offering was one of the most consistent ever and boasted top quality across the board. During each preview and each class, horses that have been proven both on the ranch and in the arena sorted themselves to the top, but not easily. In each facet, tough competition was at every point.

Not only were the geldings of top quality; many of the consignors were seasoned and carried years of expertise in many areas of ranch horse work. Many nationwide recognized names consigned horses and brought some of their best.

The Gelding sale committee has set out to sort through the consignments to ensure only the most sound, the most consistent, and most worry-free geldings make it to the sale ring. Initially, each gelding is sorted through several stations where they are checked for soundness, blemishes and health. Each horse that makes it to the sale has a stamp of approval from several astute stockmen and veterinarians.

After the sifting, the competition truly begins. Each consignor can display their horse in their field of choice. Ranch work, roping, cutting, fence work, reigning, and confirmation are all evaluated. Champions are crowned in six areas of horsemanship, and a seventh is selected by the committee as the Craig Owens Ideal Ranch Horse in honor of the influential Craig Owens.

The sale itself, for some, will leave a lasting impression. WLJ commends those on the committee and sale crew for handling the sale in the fashion they did. When the final gavel dropped, the highest sale average ever boasted for the Red Bluff Gelding sale was announced!

Finally, the committee that labors tirelessly to build this successful event deserves recognition. Those names are mentioned in the full recap. The grading and sifting committee all take a part in this sale to make it what the Red Bluff Gelding Sale has become. Those individuals are Bob deBraga, Dusty deBraga, Matt Owens, Mac McGiffin, Art Sutfin, DVM, O.W Hutton, DVM, Wayne Merhoff, DVM, David Hayes, DVM, Ryan DePaul, DVM, Kenneth Owens, Nathan Owens, Bryan Owens, Martin Murphy, Kathy Ferguson, Justin Daugherty, Robert Staley, Roy Owens, Maurice O’Keefe.

Congratulations to all involved on the sale! For more information regarding the Red Bluff Gelding Sale, go to www.redbluffbullsale.com. TOPS: Bay Roan of Texas, 2009 bay roan by Yellow Roan of Texas; from Jarrod McClenahan, Galt, CA; to Peter Baldwin, Makawao, HI, $39,500. Kalimans Twist, 2010 grullo by Kansas City Twister; from James Ferreira, Galt, CA; to Sara Woolery, El Dorado, CA, $27,500. Johnny Isalena, 2010 chestnut by Quejanaisalena; from Chelsea Barney, Oakdale, CA; to Carolyn Northcut, Bonanza, OR, $23,500. Beta Blue Colonel, 2007 blue roan by Blue Boy Colonel; from Zeb Burroughs; to CCF Sullivan, Denair, CA, $21,000. One Time Romeo, 2009 bay roan by One Time Pepton; from Randy and Celia Gamble, Prineville, OR; to Scott Browing, Banks, OR, $20,000. Cat Fishin, 2009 sorrel by WR This Cats Smart; from Ashley Shank, Orland, CA; to Peter Suski, Santa Cruz, CA, $18,500. DMAC Agent Spoon, 2006 red roan by Hes A Peptospoonful; from IZ Ranch, Canyon City, OR; to Bob Funk, Red Bluff, CA, $17,000. Heza CD Survivor, 2008 sorrel by CD Survivor; from Jake and Jessie Telford, Caldwell, ID; to Doug and Teresa Mondani, Jackson, CA, $16,500. JP Peptopine, 2012 sorrel by Peptos Playboy; from Rick and Julie Jones, Stevinson, CA; to Cecil Nichol, Anderson, CA, $16,500. Razor Blade, 2012 sorrel by Wild Haired Cat; from Tom and Carmen Buckingham, Bruneau, ID; to Rick and Linda Anderson, Eagle Point, OR, $16,000. Smart Like Always, 2008 sorrel by Yellow Roan of Texas; from Dylan Sponseller, Alturas, CA; to Carolyn Northcut, Bonanza, OR, $15,500. Rippin Red Diamond, 2011 sorrel by Nics Black Diamond; from Kelly Growing, Lompoc, CA; to Margit Sand, Gridley, CA, $15,500. Stylin In Brown, 2012 brown by Stylin A Little; from Chet and Angela Vogt, Elk Creek, CA; to Rick Corso, Santa Ynez, CA, $15,000. Captain Sierras, 2006 palomino by Sierra Insistence; from Brian and Tracie Saunders, Homedale, ID; to Bill Munselle, Geyserville, CA, $15,000. — LOGAN IPSEN

WLJ Fieldman

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