Nov. 2, Sheridan, MT

6 SimAngus bulls       $5,917

95 Red Angus bulls   4,892

13 Charolais/CharCross bulls          3,615

18 Black “Profit Plus” bulls 3,708

47 Comm. Red Angus heifers          1,950

80 Comm. Red Angus/Charolais heifers    1,450

Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell

TOPS—Red Angus: 5L Defender 5382-881D, 5/5/16 by 5L Defender 560-30Z; to Carl Lautenschlager and Sons, Endicott, WA, $14,000. 5L Bourne 930-645D, 5/3/16 by 5L Bourne 117-48A; to Standridge Farms, Lindsey, OK, $12,000. 5L The Real Deal 2502-885D, 4/30/16 by 5L The Real Deal 1687-143B; to Loosli Red Angus, Ashton, ID, $10,750. 5L Defender 3821-873D, 6/1/16 by 5L Defender 560-30Z; to Blew Partnership, Hutchinson, KS, $8,250. SimAngus: 5L Mr Pace 228-585D, 4/1/16 by Tuell Mr Pace Z2030; to Greg Hall, Filer, ID, $7,500. 5L Mr Pace Y13-D122, 4/16/16 by Tuell Mr Pace Z2030; to Marta Stoddert, Jordan Valley, OR, $7,500. Black “Profit”: 5L Right on Time 3750-619D, 4/29/16 by 5L Right on Time 4919-307Y; to Pat Wade, Lusk, WY, $6,000. — DEVIN MURNIN

WLJ Fieldman

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