The “Art of the Deal,” as our President Trump has said, might be something that lies in selling or trading something we don’t want for something we do want. Since our president is opening doors in Asia and the East, why not see if we could sell our well-fed feral horses to China, which has a history of horse-mounted military troops? They are very experienced in breaking horses for their use, so unbroke should not be an issue. This would ease our feral horse expenses and promote goodwill with a strong nation at the same time. Or perhaps instead of selling the horses to China, just give them to China as a gesture of diplomatic goodwill to lighten the impact of proposed export tariffs! I realize this is a simple solution to a complex problem, but maybe, just maybe, someone from your paper can pass this “simple” idea along to our President Trump. It seems that if anyone can make this kind of deal work, Trump is the man to do it.

Thank you. — Mike Sheridan

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