So, USDA is planning to give cow-calf producers cash payments? That will be a first.

I have a few questions. How will USDA determine the number of cattle a producer owns? If a producer sold cattle/calves back in February and March will those be counted? Are these payments only for mature females that have or will have calves? Will some government employee come to our ranches and count cattle? Or, do we go to FSA and swear to the number of cattle owned?

Rather than give away taxpayer dollars, what about stopping imported beef? If we stopped importing fresh beef from Africa, wouldn’t that help remove some of the excess in feedlots? I called a friend I went to school with and thanked him for running ads in major news organizations. His ads stated the food supply system was broken or breaking.

As long as federal law requires Beef Checkoff to support ranchers in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Africa, and other countries, our calf prices will be depressed. NCBA must be required to support USA beef, exclusively. Paying Checkoff dollars to a government organization, which is required by federal law to support world beef, needs to end. I would pay $2 per head if importers were removed from the Cattlemen’s Beef Board.

Thanks for your time.

Bill Yancey, Captain USN-RET, Prairie Grove, AR

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