Thank you for your column (“What’s your opinion worth?” March 19 issue of WLJ). Hopefully, readers will gather more importance from the fact that the Federal Register controls their lives. Or better stated, federal employees allowed to submit “rules” into the Federal Register to become laws, after a public comment period, bypass the representative government of the Constitution.

The Federal Register needs to be abolished. Our representatives and senators delegated authority to make law to government employees who have agendas. Besides BLM, EPA and other agencies use and abuse the Federal Register to control pretty much every facet of our daily lives.

If your readers take time to open the Federal Register website, they would realize how bureaucrats have control of the federal government. They would also realize the Congress delegates power to the president. All rules have statements giving power to “secretaries” of the various departments. All secretaries work for the president. They are appointed to carry out his/her agenda. The Constitution never intended for presidents to make law. At least that is my interpretation of Article I of the Constitution.

In another life, I spent two years as chairman of a group working on a rule to be placed into the Federal Register. I was not a government employee. However, members of this group were government employees with the attitude that, “the government which governs the most, governs best.” It also became clear to me that making public comments about a proposed rule is a waste of time. You are correct: A comment is not a vote.

Until the Federal Register is abolished and Congress is held accountable, government employees will continue to place restrictions on us every day.

Respectfully — Bill Yancey, Captain USN-RET

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