Thank you for your editorial concerning the Beef Checkoff (“One more time around” in the April 29 issue of WLJ). As you know, Maxine and I have long been strong supporters of the checkoff. Some people and organizations that opposed the checkoff have always been in need of a crisis to keep their revenue pipeline flowing. The attorneys they retain are not cheap. We know from news stories that much of their funding comes from organizations that are not friends of animal agriculture.

The message by the Beef Checkoff promoting cattle production and beef consumption have been determined by the government to be a positive or benefit to the people, and the checkoff advertising is therefore termed “government speech,” meaning that the message is approved by the government. Isn’t that good for producers?

Now the same group of people and organizations are suing the big four packers, another crisis to extort funds from producers and other organizations.

We like to support positive programs and organizations.

Shorty Jones, South Dakota

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