Mr. Crow,

Recently our state’s newspaper announced it would no longer be printed on paper. This announcement upset my wife. She enjoyed reading the paper each morning. For us to continue receiving the news, we were offered the option of an iPad from the paper’s corporate office. Of course, this assumes WiFi in our home. Being located in a rural area means our WiFi is supplied by DSL; which is pretty slow, when it works. Also, the price to receive news and information using this electronic media would double. I guess the Millennials have won this one.

Having said all that, I wanted to thank Crow Publications for suppling WLJ in print. Yes, I’m sending this thank you via email. My DSL is working today. And, if you respond it will be via email. However, when I receive my weekly printed copy of WLJ, I enjoy being able to take it with me if traveling. Reading the Journal does not require a device that could be dropped and broken. The printed copy does not require A/C power to charge. I can fold it and put in the tractor. And, when finished reading I can use it to start fire.

In closing, it is sad to see the printed word disappear from our society. I’m not sure how long the printed word has been around, but it changed mankind’s ability to communicate knowledge and developed into an amendment in a constitution: Article I of the Bill of Rights, freedom of the press. Good thing the founders didn’t specify the means (printed) by which the press would supply news and information.

Thanks again for printing the Journal on paper.

Bill Yancey, Captain USN-RET; Prairie Grove, AR

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