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After reading Kerry’s comments about lab-grown fake meat in the June 10 paper, I got to thinking what might be in the 2119 paper

Sandra Davis is taking her 6-year-old daughter to the Chicago Zoo. They are meeting Sandra’s grandmother, who is a spry 80 years old and raised on a Nebraska ranch. After a lunch of plant “milk” and plant “meat” from a vending machine, they visited the animals. After passing elephants and tigers they came to a pen of animals Sandra did not recognize. After reading the sign, Sandra realized they were cows and she remembered reading about them. People used to kill them and eat the meat.

Tears came to Grandma’s eyes as she said, “We used to have 800 cows on the ranch. We loved them and took good care of them. In the winter we fed them hay every day. After their babies were born in the spring, they were free to eat grass all summer.”

Sandra asked her grandmother what happened and why she had never told her this. Her grandmother replied that she had never told her because it was too painful.

“Scientists discovered a way to grow meat in huge tanks cheaper than cattle people could produce it, so we all went broke. After selling the last of our cows, we sold the land to an environmental group. They were able to get the land cheap because there were no other buyers. They bulldozed all the buildings and took out all the fences. Now the ranch is a wildlife preserve.”

In shock, Sandra told her grandmother she had no idea what had happened.

Jerry Meyring, Nebraska rancher

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