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Monday markets

Most markets were closed today on account of it being Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Last week, a total of 95,868 cash cattle traded. This was a slight increase form the week prior, but still below usual trends. Live steers averaged $109.41 and dressed steers averaged $172.98.

Today, the market for cash cattle trade was nonexistent with only 11 head traded. A total of 20,000 formula cattle sold, weighing 882 lbs. and averaging $178.30.

Boxed beef prices were up slightly: The Choice cutout was up $2.12 to $215.04 and the Select cutout was up $2.76 to $205.84 on 109 loads.

Slaughter last week totaled 651,000 head, on trend with the week prior. Today’s slaughter is estimated at 115,000 head, slightly below normal levels.

Feeder cattle

Missouri: Joplin Regional Stockyards in Carthage sold 7,000 head Monday. Steers under 550 lbs. sold steady, but heavier weights sold $2 lower. Heifers traded $5 lower. Benchmark steers averaging 709 lbs. sold for $133.50.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma National Stockyards sold 17,5000 head Monday. Compared to the last sale, feeder steers and heifers sold steady to $3 lower on limited offerings in early rounds. Steer calves under 500 lbs. sold $3-6 higher; over 500 lbs. sold steady to $5 lower. Heifers calves under 500 lbs. sold $1-3 higher; over 500 lbs. sold steady to $2 lower. Benchmark steers averaging 731 lbs. sold between $131-138.50, and averaged $136.70. — Anna Miller, WLJ editor


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