Western Livestock Journal - Sale Reports http://www.wlj.net/articles.sec-32-1-sale-reports.html <![CDATA[Video Auction]]> <![CDATA[Sale Reports]]> <![CDATA[SALE Calendar]]> <![CDATA[SALE calendar]]> <![CDATA[SALE calendar]]> <![CDATA[VIDEO auction]]> <![CDATA[SALE calendar]]> <![CDATA[SALE reports]]> SPRUCE MOUNTAIN RANCH Aug. 13, Larkspur, CO 89 Head. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,673 Auctioneer: Steve Dorran Sale Manager: Cotton and Assoc.. ]]> <![CDATA[SALE reports]]> This year marked the 28th annual sale at the Nile Stock Show for the Red Angus tradition. This years sale, although smaller in numbers, saw good, active interest in the offering of select Red Angus genetics. ]]> <![CDATA[SALE reports]]> Ray-Mar Ranch, Oakdale, CA, $6,000. Dmnd Oak Impress R233-09, 3/30/09, by Connealy Impression; to Ray-Mar Ranch, $5,200. Dmnd Oak Impress U537-09, 3/11/09, by Connealy Impression; to Leo Cozzitorto, Chowchilla, CA, $4,800. Dmnd Oak Impress Me 383-09, 3/23/09, by Connealy Impression; to Alice Carleton, Clovis, CA, $4,700. ]]> <![CDATA[SALE reports]]> They have had a lot of winter in this part of Utah, which is tough on the cattle and the folks. It snowed 5 inches during this three-hour sale and eventually closed the interstate. Cattle were sold to breeders in 11 states to many new as well as repeat customers.]]> <![CDATA[VIDEO auction]]> <![CDATA[SALE reports]]> <![CDATA[SALE calendar]]> <![CDATA[SALE reports]]> <![CDATA[SALE reports]]> 70 years in the Angus business with this year?s sale and it was agreed that it was the best offering to date for this firm. A very strong top end of the bulls provided strong value for those on the seats. This was a good strong sale and provides an excellent opportunity for commercial cattlemen that are looking for good functional Angus range bulls. ]]> <![CDATA[BEEF talk]]> <![CDATA[SALE reports]]> A strong offering of Angus and Charolais bulls from Dave Duncan?s High Valley Ranch and Jim Anspach?s Bar Six Ranch attracted a good buying crowd to the Pendleton Roundup grounds for their annual bull sale. ]]> <![CDATA[SALE reports]]> Nebraska for this annual event. A strong representation of Angus genetics, including many one-half brother combinations that, combined with solid testing and data scans plus the utilization of the Grow Safe Feed Consumption System, afforded buyers or leasers excellent opportunities. ]]> <![CDATA[SALE reports]]> Travis and Katie Krein and family held their annual spring bull sale on a nice February day in northwestern Ne- braska. This breeding program focuses on the ?ideal? Angus female, moderate frame, easy fleshing, feminine and highly productive. These bulls reflected the program easy fleshing, moderate size with muscle and extremely uniform. ]]>