Western Livestock Journal - Articles http://www.wlj.net/contents.engine.php <![CDATA[Moving forward in 2015: The information highway]]> <![CDATA[Lawsuits against USWFS not included in report]]> <![CDATA[AFTERNOON MARKET UPDATE; Jan 26]]> <![CDATA[DAILY FED CATTLE; Jan 26]]> <![CDATA[Immigration reform battle spurs new bills]]> <![CDATA[Where does beef fit in the 2015 global market]]> In the domestic market, overall trends in beef demand have been surprisingly strong. Americans are forking over record amounts of cash for their favorite protein compared to year-over-year retail prices. According to the most recent National Beef Retail report, the overall price increase for four highly popular retail beef cuts amounts to a 17. ]]> <![CDATA[Monument designation potential worries Idaho]]> Central Idaho ranchers were relieved when President Barack Obama left Boise on Wednesday, Jan. 21, without urging that the state’s controversial Boulder- White Clouds region be made a federal monument or wilderness, which would sharply reduce livestock grazing opportunities on public range. ]]> <![CDATA[Cash prices fall as futures falter]]> <![CDATA[Details omitted]]> <![CDATA[WEEKLY FEEDER CATTLE SUMMARY; Jan 23]]> <![CDATA[Respecting our global marketplace]]> <![CDATA[Beef Talk]]> <![CDATA[Concerns feeding energy supplements with low quality forages]]> <![CDATA[Preventing calf scours]]> <![CDATA[Researchers trace 'superbug' genes]]> They want to determine where infectious organisms originate and how they move through the food system and environment to people. The study, funded with $2.25 million from the USDA, is one of the largest of its kind and is enabled by recent advances in DNA sequencing technology. ]]> <![CDATA[Obama portrays rosy economy]]> <![CDATA[Addressing weak calf syndrome]]> <![CDATA[Tax Q & A: How to avoid an Affordable Care Act trap]]> <![CDATA[Capital gains proposal]]> <![CDATA[Ag keeps eye on EPA policies, ESA reform, pesticide lawsuit]]>