Western Livestock Journal - Articles http://www.wlj.net/contents.engine.php <![CDATA[The WTO rules against COOL... again]]> Like it or not, the fact is, it’s 2014, we live in a global economy, and Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) is discriminatory—at least that was the gist of the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) ruling on COOL last Monday, Oct. 20, and the U.S. ]]> <![CDATA[Ranchers talk transferring fed's land to states]]> <![CDATA[What happens if cattle disappear?]]> <![CDATA[A tale of two markets]]> <![CDATA[Beef Talk]]> <![CDATA[Black Ink]]> <![CDATA[Considerations for fall cattle markets]]> <![CDATA[Minimizing storage, nutrition loss in hay]]> She explained that hay stored inside allows for a reduction in contact with soil and moisture thus reducing spoilage. Some disadvantages of indoor storage are unwelcome animals, limited storage space, and bales must be stored carefully to prevent falling or exerting too much pressure on the sides of the barn. ]]> <![CDATA[Replace winter hay with corn-based feedstuffs]]> “Corn and corn-derived feeds such as distiller’s grains and silage are much lower in price compared to recent history. Hay and roughage costs are lower as well, but on a percentage basis the price decline has not been as dramatic as compared to corn prices,” said Warren Rusche, South Dakota State University Extension Cow/ Calf Field Specialist. ]]> <![CDATA[Cattle shootings worsen in remote areas of northern Nevada]]> <![CDATA[Court of Appeals dismisses API, EPG E15 lawsuit]]> <![CDATA[New herbicide approval adds two more lawsuits to agriculture's running list]]> <![CDATA[Help farmers cope with stress]]> <![CDATA[Obama 'not finished' naming monuments]]> <![CDATA[West Coast bull sale recap]]> <![CDATA[Brazil set to expand feedlots, grain feeding]]> <![CDATA[U.S. wins WTO trade enforcement dispute for poultry industry]]> <![CDATA[U.S. STB action needed for transparency on rail shipments]]> <![CDATA[Secretary's checkoff hijack spurs concern]]> A number of cattle associations across the states have joined together to contest USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack’s plans to end the long-standing battle over the national beef checkoff by establishing a supplemental, secondary beef checkoff under a 1996 legislative act. ]]> <![CDATA[Who supports WOTUS?]]>