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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


by WLJ
Afternoon National Slaughter Cattle Review as of 2:00 pm Tuesday

So far for Tuesday negotiated cash trading has been inactive on very light demand. Not enough sales for a market trend. The last reported markets were last week with live sales selling from 168.00-170.00 in the Texas Panhandle on a light test. In Kansas and Nebraska live sales sold from 170.00-172.00 along with dressed sales in Nebraska selling from 264.00-267.00 mostly at 265.00. In Colorado a light test of live sales sold from 171.00-172.00. In the Western Cornbelt, last week, live sales sold from 168.00-170.00 mostly at 170.00 and dressed sales sold from 264.00-267.00 mostly from 264.00-265.00.

Negotiated sales:
Confirmed:         103            Week ago:      138          Year ago:    1,246
Week to Date:    1,445            Week ago:      629          Year ago:    1,883