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Friday, April 18, 2014


by WLJ
Afternoon National Slaughter Cattle Review as of 2:00 pm Friday

So far for Friday trading in the Southern Plains has been at a standstill. The last reported market was on Tuesday in the Texas Panhandle and on Wednesday in Kansas with live sales at 146.00. In the Norhern Plains trading has been limited on light demand thus far for Friday. In Nebraska a light test of live sales sold 1.00 lower at 147.00 when Compared to Thursday. No dressed sales were reported the last reported dressed sales was on Thursday with sales from 236.00 to 238.00 for within two week delivery. In Colorado live sales sold 1.50 lower at 146.00 for Friday. So far for Friday in the Western Cornbelt trading has been inactive on very light demand. The last reported market was on Thursday with live sales from 145.00 to 147.00 and dressed sales at 236.00.

Negotiated sales:
Confirmed:       6,330            Week ago:    1,871          Year ago:   17,390
Week to Date:   82,237            Week ago:    9,281          Year ago:   24,443