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Thursday, July 24, 2014


by WLJ
Afternoon National Slaughter Cattle Review as of 2:00 pm Thursday

Thus far for Thursday, negotiated cash trade was limited in the Texas Panhandle and light in Kansas on good demand with a few sales at 162.00 however, not enough sales for an adequate market test. The latest established market in the Southern Plains was from 155.00-156.00 two weeks ago in the Texas Panhandle and last week in Kansas. Trade was moderate on good demand in Nebraska and the Western Cornbelt. In Nebraska compared to last week, live sales sold 6.00-9.00 higher from 162.00-165.00. Compared to Wednesday dressed sales sold 2.00 higher at 257.00 with a few up to 262.00. In the Western Cornbelt compared to Wednesday dressed sales sold 2.00-3.00 higher mostly at 257.00 with live sales steady to firm from 160.00-163.00. In Colorado trade was light on good demand. Compared to Wednesday live sales sold mostly steady with the bulk of sales at 165.00.

Negotiated sales:
Confirmed:      41,606            Week ago:   16,945          Year ago:    5,583
Week to Date:   78,351            Week ago:   90,356          Year ago:   22,653