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26 - Pasture Wanted

1 Pasture Wanted PASTURE WANTED: Need summer pasture for approx 200 to 300 cow-calf pairs and 300 yearling heifers to breed. Eastern OR, Northern Nevada, or Idaho. Call Jim at 208-890-6486.

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20A - Pacific Real Estate

2 Colusa County

Colusa County, CA
Walnut Valley Ranch, 8 miles S of Stonyford. 1,247 total acres w/400 acres of class 1 & 2 dry farm land. 3 homes, shop and multiple barns. New - $1,932,000

Tehama County, CA
Whiteman Ranch, NW of Red Bluff. 2,822 acres. Year round water attracts wild pigs, deer, bear and turkey. Watch YouTube Video "Whiteman Ranch" Now $3,100,000

DRE # 01707128
AG Real Estate Specialists

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27 - Hay-Feed-Seed

3 EverLeaf oat varieties


The unique growth habit of the EverLeaf oat varieties with delayed heading and dark broad leaves put them into a class of their own. This group of oats are high output oats for both tonnage and quality when fertility and moisture inputs are properly maintained.

Visit our website for more information and  contact numbers for our oat distributors | ProGene Plant Research LLC | Othello, WA 

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15 - Dogs for Sale

4 BITING COWDOGS LITTER BORN 11/09/14. Father a very tall, short haired, big headed, slim built Border Collie. A very fast, long distance, good travelling, hard biting dog with a lot of balance and a little bit of eye. This dog sees the big picture really well and is always working. He has Eric Wanman\'s Willie and Lena bloodlines on his sire\'s side and McCallum bloodlines on his dam\'s side. Mother is a tall, slim built, slick haired Border Collie McNab Pitbull. A very hard biting, good travelling, long distance dog that really hunts cattle and was able to do about any kind of cow working job. A very busy dog with a good work ethic. She has been a very good producer in the past. $450.00 GUARANTEED TO BE BITING COWDOGS. PH. 530-249-3140

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20A - Pacific Real Estate



Spring fed stream – manmade lake and pond – 2 artesian irrigation wells – storage in common interest reservoir - ALL EXPENSED AT ABOUT $600/YEAR – Approximately 4,100 deeded acres – 450 plus irrigated – RATED 500 AUs yearlong – 1,935 AUM’s  private BLM permit – small private lease –  high-end improvements with homes  @ private setting – excellent handling and shipping facilities – currently one-man labor force excepting calving and haying seasons – management in place if needed – landowner hunting tags…elk, deer, antelope – fishing  – eastern Oregon –$5,285,000

Medical Springs, OR

Jack Horton

Rae H. Anderson

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33 - Equipment for Sale

6 Have a Rodent Problem?

Have a Rodent Problem? TIME TO FIGHT BACK!

The Rodent Blaster TM HS1 Remote is an effective, very easy to use pest control system to kill damaging gophers, prairie dogs, ground squirrels, ground hogs, moles, voles, badgers and all other rodents that eat, chew, dig and destroy our pastures, fields and yards. The HS1 Remote injects a precise mixture of propane and oxygen and allows the user to be 20 feet from the rodents hole when you ignite the gas mixture. 6,000 feet per second of concussion will eliminate the rodent & the tunnel a the same time! Proudly made in America. WLJ SPECIAL: $1,579.99

 Questions? Call us (800) 688-4080

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15 - Dogs for Sale

7 Three started cattle dogs TWO STARTED MCNAB DOGS. One female and one neutered male, $1,200 each. Also two registered McNab male puppies, $800 each. Gary Williams Training. 805/610-1362

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16 - Horses

8 Brood mare dispersion Brood mare dispersion
Own daughters of Play Gun, Little Peppy, TR Duel Ray and Travalena. All bred to black son of Smooth as a Cat. Will trade for Angus cows. 903-203-2157

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20A - Pacific Real Estate

9 Shasta Land Services

950 deeded acres with two large storage reservoirs with a water right to store 910 acre feet annually. This ranch is located just west of the small Shasta County community of Cottonwood on a tributary to Cottonwood Creek. Lots of motivation to sell.

550 deeded acres located on Cow Creek in Eastern Shasta County. Flood irrigated pastures with free water from Cow Creek. Summer and winter your cows without moving them. Two residences, barn, shop, and much more. Priced to sell.

Bill Quinn, Lic. # 00820135

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19 - Livestock Supplies

10 Safety Zone

Safety Zone Calf Catchers
A Cowman's Best Friend at Calving Time!

User-Friendly and Durable. Designed to Ensure safe and Easy Calf Processing.

Enables quick and safe Catching!
Convenient, step in access of producer!
Reduces danger while working new calves!
Cuts labor, one person does the work!
Quick mount and dismounts on both ATV and UTV (Side x Side) units!

To order, Call 877-505-0914

View action video at

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