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Friday, March 25,2011

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse

by Ginger Elliott - WLJ Correspondent
In his forward to the 1943 edition of his book "Home Veterinarian’s Handbook," E. T. Baker, DVM, states: "An emergency has been defined as ‘a sudden condition requiring immediate action.’" His book listed over 700 subjects on what might ail a farm animal, including equine eye injuries. Baker definitely considered

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Friday, December 3,2010

Like a good neighbor, the Working Ranch Cowboys Association is there

by Ginger Elliott - WLJ Correspondent
A guy is sitting at a bar in Amarillo, TX, minding his own business when a gal comes up to him and says, Do you have any cattle? We need some cattle. That is how the stock was contracted by a fledgling outfit 10 days before their three-day rodeo was set to begin.

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Friday, September 5,2008


by Ginger Elliott - WLJ Correspondent
Lauren Keith Liddicoat Lauren Keith Liddicoat, known to family and friends as Keith, passed away in Las Vegas, NV, at the Nathan Adelson Hospice following a tough battle with Alzheimer’s Disease and cancer. Keith was born in Butte, MT, Sept. 2, 1941, and passed on Aug. 24, 2008. Keith worked a full 30-plus years at Coors Brewery in Golden, CO, as an Instrument Technician and moved to Pahrump, NV, several years ago following his retirement. Keith was a true westerner with a strong love for rodeo and golf as well as hunting and bowling. In his earlier years, he sacrificed much of his time and resources to provide horses and gear for his three daughters, teaching them to ride and compete in many different rodeo events. Many happy and gratifying weekends were spent at local rodeo arenas as the three girls competed very successfully. Following retirement, Keith enjoyed playing golf. Keith is survived by his widow, Patty, Pahrump, NV. Also surviving are his previous wife, Gloria Liddicoat, Longmont, CO, daughters Lorie Kim Liddicoat of Colorado, and twins Cheri Rule (John), Oklahoma, and Geri Lyn (Jerry) York, Idaho, as well as sister Dannette Taylor (Cecil) and brother Bob Lane of California. In lieu of flowers, the family requests contributions to the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund, Attn: Cindy Schonholtz, 101 Pro Rodeo Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, 80919 or 818/662-5223.

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