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Friday, May 20,2011


by WLJ
OBITUARY Milton John Costa Milton Costa, a Nampa, ID, resident, was born August 26, 1944, in Hanford, CA, and lived most of his life in Paso Robles, CA. He is survived by his wife, Bonnie Costa; three sons, Brian, Sean (wife, Teri, and granddaughter, Caitlynn) and Tyler (fiancée Leah)....

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Friday, May 13,2011

Getting along

by Pete Crow - Publisher
The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) is an interesting organization. It seems that cattle people either love them, hate them, don’t trust them, or don’t care about them. I suppose that every trade group could be viewed this way because no one can agree on everything. Last week, I was following up on a story

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Friday, May 6,2011

Miracles can happen

by Pete Crow - Publisher
It has been interesting watching all the debate about the issues concerning the beef checkoff and the turf war between National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Cattlemen’s Beef Board over the past several months. The debate essentially revolves around NCBA handling most of the money and

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Thursday, April 28,2011

Summer volatility ahead

by Pete Crow - Publisher
Cattle markets were a bit softer last week, but recovered somewhat by the week’s end. We’ve all been wondering when this market would get a bit softer and it looks like we’re starting to see it. We’re approaching the high-demand summer grilling season and slaughter rates should start to pick up and keep the larger cattle inventory moving, barring any

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Friday, April 15,2011

A market to behold

by Pete Crow - Publisher
The bull sales have been awfully good this spring and there is a great deal of optimism in the cow/calf sector of this business. All classes of breeding stock are trading 30 percent higher than a year ago. Many of the bull sales are producing $500 to $800 more per bull than a year ago. Some outfits have seen their bull sale average

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Thursday, April 7,2011

Looking ahead

by Pete Crow - Publisher
Boxed beef may have peaked for a while at $191 two weeks ago; packers lost $5.60 per head on an average buy of $121.29 for last week’s purchases of cattle. Typically, we would see beef production slow down in response to a negative cut out value. However, packers processed an additional 8,000 head last

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Thursday, March 31,2011

Leave some margin

by Pete Crow - Publisher
It’s a perfect world when prices and production go up at the same time and that’s what we’re seeing in the cattle and meat business right now. Year-to-date beef production is up 1.1 percent from a year ago and prices are up some 30 percent. Unfortunately, we’re robbing Peter to pay Paul in this situation because we certainly won’t have enough

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Friday, March 25,2011

Time to grow

by Pete Crow - Publisher
It’s starting to appear that some ranches are thinking about expanding their herds. If individual production sales are any indication of herd expansion, then it’s starting to happen. Our team of field men have been busy attending the sales and most of the road talk isn’t about what someone’s bulls averaged or the

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Friday, March 11,2011

Market signals

by Pete Crow - Publisher
Fed cattle markets have .been trading for over $1 for 13 weeks. Cash fed cattle traded between $117-119 live and $190 in northern Plains dressed trade last week. It’s hard to imagine this market trading much higher, but all the signals point to a higher market this fall. Trading cattle at this level looks

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Thursday, March 3,2011

Ethanol is a problem

by Pete Crow - Publisher
The ethanol business has been a burr under the saddle of livestock producers ever since the government made the decision to pursue biofuels. The corn markets have been good for the farming business, but not livestock feeding. It’s an interesting relationship since many folks raise both. The current spending

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