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Monday, September 15,2014

Land lawsuit: mineral rights over property rights

by Kerry Halladay, Associate Editor
In this line of work, lawsuits over land and property rights are nothing new. But with each new lawsuit there comes the potential to set precedent that could affect everyone. In mid-August, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of oil and gas company Entek GRB in its appeal of an earlier case against Stull Ranches in Colorado. Stull owned the surface rights to the area in question, while Entek owned the mineral rights under much of Stull’s ranch and adjoining surface parcels. The decision has recently been appealed.

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Monday, September 15,2014

PLC to explore states' involvement in public land management

by WLJ
Before pouring the gas into it and driving it like he stole it, Richard Petty always made sure he was in the right race. So, too, must an organization that protects the families and communities of over 20,000 ranchers with public land grazing rights in the West. At the recent annual meeting of the Public Lands Council (PLC) in Ignacio, CO, leaders of the public land grazing industry put their heads together to make sure they were pouring their resources into the right racetrack.

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