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Friday, May 27,2011

Eleventh hour win for working dogs in Texas

by Ginger Elliott - WLJ Correspondent
Last minute amendments to Texas House Bill 1451 (HB 1451), exempting shepherd and herding dogs, and hunting and birding dogs, gave the states ranchers and sportsmen a chance to catch their breath after months of contacting their state officials with their oppositions to the bill.

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Friday, May 20,2011

Fed cattle slip to $108-109

by WLJ
Fed cattle traded sharply lower again last week with trade in the southern Plains reported at $108 live and $172 dressed, prices which were down $4 from the prior week’s sales. In the North, live cattle traded at $109 live and $175-176 dressed, which was $8-9 lower than the prior week levels. Continued liquidation of contract positions by hedge

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Friday, May 13,2011

Feedlot, cow/calf sectors in the driver’s seat

by WLJ
Light fed cattle trade had developed by midday last Thursday with reports of $112 live trade in Kansas, with Texas and Oklahoma feed yards expected to follow at similar prices. Dressed trade in the North was also light with an expected range of $181-185 when full trade finally developed last week. Prices for the

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Friday, May 6,2011

Price pressures continue to push fed cattle lower

by WLJ
Fed cattle prices trended lower again last week in early trade, which was mostly complete by the end of the day Tuesday. Live cattle traded at $114 to $115 in the southern Plains, down $1-2 from the prior week’s action with most showlist cattle reportedly cleaned up. Meanwhile, in the North, dressed trade was reported at

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Thursday, April 28,2011

Feds trade lower

by WLJ
Cattle prices trended lower last week in very early trade, the bulk of which took place on Monday and Tuesday. Prices in the southern Plains were $2 lower than the prior week at mostly $117 live. In the north, light trade took place at $185-187 dressed basis, with a few reported as high as $189 in Nebraska

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Friday, April 22,2011

Fed cattle trade steady, calf prices mostly lower

by WLJ
Early fed cattle trade last week was reported on Wednesday with markets showing mostly steady results. Cattle in the central Plains sold at $119 live in Kansas, even with the prior week’s results, while Corn Belt trade came at $190 dressed basis, also steady with the week prior. Trade had yet to develop in Texas at midday

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Friday, April 15,2011

Fed cattle prices show sign of summer seasonal decline

by WLJ
Cash fed cattle trade was under pressure last week with prices expected to move lower than the prior week by perhaps as much as $3-5 when trade finally developed. At midday last Thursday, there was still little significant activity in the markets with packers bidding $117 for live cattle in the South while feedlots in the region were

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Thursday, April 7,2011

Fed prices continue to set records

by WLJ
Fed cattle continued their win streak last week with additional gains of $2-3 over the prior week’s trade levels in the southern Plains. Cattle in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and western Nebraska traded at $123-124 live while Corn Belt trade was slow to develop last week. Analysts predicted that most cattle

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Thursday, March 31,2011

Fed cattle prices jump $7-8

by WLJ
Fed cattle prices skyrocketed last week, gaining $7-8 from prior week levels to trade at $120-122 live basis in the southern Plains while trade in the north came in a range of $121-123 live and at $196-200 dressed. Trade developed last Wednesday with good volume trading hands at those higher levels as futures prices rose

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Friday, March 25,2011

Cattle markets reverse course to trade higher

by WLJ
Fed cattle traded last Wednesday with good volumes reportedly changing hands in most feeding regions. In the Corn Belt, where supplies of market-ready fed cattle are short, prices started mostly steady with the previous week at $184-185 dressed with late trade moving as high as $188-190 before the action was

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