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Friday, September 21, 2012

LMA named as TBA 2012 Beef Booster of the Year

by WLJ

The Livestock Marketing Association (LMA) headquartered in Kansas City Missouri and LMA of Texas (LMAT) in Austin, TX, were jointly recognized as the Texas Brahman Association’s (TBA) 2012 Beef Booster of the Year on Sept. 15 during TBA’s annual meeting at Tommy Stadler’s Sunnyside Ranch near Floresville, TX. Since 1962, TBA has recognized a deserving person or entity for outstanding contributions to the beef industry and counts a distinguished list of industry leaders, doers, and thinkers among its recipients.

TBA President Al Herring of Houston said, “Recognition of the livestock marketing sector of our industry is only fitting as they performed yeoman work on behalf of all livestock producers of Texas and the Southwest at the onset of our nation’s current devastating drought and they have continued that good work throughout other areas as the drought area has expanded. Our livestock markets who regularly provide marketing services six days each week stepped to the plate last year and this year, as they have worked tirelessly and diligently with expanded and innovative services to livestock producers who were and are forced to reduce or liquidate their cowherds. At no time in our recent history have so many still useful cattle been relocated to so many areas at relatively high prices. Recognition of these extraordinary efforts and dedication to livestock producers is most appropriate,” said Herring.

J.D. Sartwelle Jr., a past TBA president, Brahman breeder and chairman of the Selection Committee from Sealy, TX, made the actual presentation of the award.

Jesse Carver of Conroe, TX, region executive officer of LMA and executive director of the (LMAT), and Carl Herrmann, owner of the Caldwell Livestock Commission of Caldwell, TX, received the award on behalf of the two associations.

LMA, composed of some 800 livestock markets across the nation, provides industry leadership not only to the nation’s livestock markets but to producers everywhere and to all who believe in true price discovery through competitive auction selling. LMA is another voice of practical livestock producers on Capitol Hill as well as in state houses across the nation. In addition, they provide LMA members with a valuable package of services designed to assist them in their daily business and all members adhere to stringent guidelines relative to humane animal handling.

(LMAT)represents livestock market operators, order buyers, trucking companies, and those who serve livestock producers in the state of Texas.

TBA was organized in 1961 to promote the use of Brahman cattle in general and Texas Brahman cattle in particular. Brahman cattle are crossbreeding’s Common Denominator and #1 in heat tolerance, hybrid vigor and efficiency. The Brahman F1 Hybrid is known as the “Queen of Cow Country” and is considered by practical cowmen everywhere as the most trouble free cow in use today. — WLJ

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