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Thursday, March 3, 2011

BLM "accelerates"reform of horse and burro plan

by Andy Rieber - WLJ Correspondent

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Lets hope that BLM management includes castration of the culls and leaves the best on the Range. Scientific to me means looking at those with good conformation, great hoof and leg and managing this as a gene pool resource for the future. Would not be surprised given time that you might find that nature does a better job than man making a better product that is hardy has a good mind and would be valuable to reintroduce in into the domestic breeding program. Of course we can continue to raise horses with poor feet that are unsound after 4 years if not sooner and just throw it away and by another. The thought of an out cross and hy-breed vigor does hold some interest with these wild herds as a source of seed stock through scientific management working with the commercial markets.
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