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Monday, February 16, 2015


by WLJ
Afternoon National Slaughter Cattle Review as of 2:00 pm Monday

Thus far for Monday trading has been inactive on very light demand. Not enough sales for a market trend. Last week in the Southern Plains live sales sold at 162.00, with a very light test in both regions. In Nebraska live sales sold from 162.00-163.50  and dressed sales from 256.00-258.00. In Colorado a very light test of live sales was noted from 160.00-162.00. In the Western Cornbelt live sales sold from 160.00-162.00 and dressed sales from 255.00-257.00.

Negotiated sales:
Confirmed:         295            Week ago:      402          Year ago:      542
Week to Date:      295            Week ago:      402          Year ago:      542

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Good prices in the USA live cattle are only bringing half this or less in Australia we have one of the worst and getting worse droughts on record our herds and cattle producers are being decimated in the worst cost price squeezes on record. 2013 saw a record cattle kill result in record beef production and exports eg 2012 China imported 5,000 tonnes Aus beef 2013 China imported 130,000 tonnes Aus Beef, 2014 China wants more! Live cattle exports 2013 Indonesia imports 240,000 cattle 2014 Indonesia wants 700,000 cattle Australian beef packers have had a record profits year in 2013. With the US cattle herd at such low numbers unless there are a lot of cattle in Brazil it is hard to not think there will be some upwards pressure on beef prices in 2014, but the Australian cattle producers experience has been high beef prices do not necessarily translate into higher cattle prices this has made the whole business model of cattle production in Australia unsustainable with a lot of cattle(breeders) simply dying in the paddock because the farmers are not making sufficient profits to run them.
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